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What's included?

01 - SNEAKO's Secret Strategies

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A detailed library of videos and courses breaking down the strategy that Sneako used to become a YouTuber and garner over 2 million subscribers and 1,000,000,000 views on the platform. Regardless of where you create, this blueprint will show you the fastest and best way to succeed.

02 - Viral Blueprint

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The secret Tiktok blueprint that Sneako used to gain over 5 billion views on his tiktok hashtags in only a few months. Along with tiktok mentors and advisors in TCK who will help you with any questions you need.

03 - Millionaire Professors

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The Creativity Kit 2.0 has upgraded and brought on 5 new professors for our release. These professors will each have weekly calls/classes you can attend as well as private courses for you to follow.

04 - Weekly Coaching & Mentorship

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Sneako and the professors of TCK will mentor you weekly on our calls three times a week. If you miss the calls you can listen back to recordings and also ask for any help or mentorship inside of the group outside of call hours.

05 - Private Community

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You will be invited into our private community only for paying TCK members where we’ll have daily conversations, access to all the other members, forums, services, connections and more. This community will also contain all previous content and important information from TCK 1.0

06 - Priceless Opportunity

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Being involved in TCK 2.0 will give you the right to apply for any position on the Sneako team as well as any position other professors are hiring for. We hire and provide all opportunities directly to TCK members, if you are not a TCK member you will not be given the opportunity to work. More than education we wanted our students to have TCK as a place that gives them their start, from step A-Z.

Skills We Teach

Sonny Faz image
Sonny Faz
Creative / Marketing Professor
Amged Osama image
Amged Osama
Sales & Branding Professor
Sneako image
Creative Professor
Luca Washenko image
Andrew Yang
Web3 Professor
Noah Linden image
Noah Linden
E-Commerce Professor
Luca Washenko image
Luca Washenko
Organic E-Commerce Professor
Tiktok Virality
Tiktok Virality
Web Design
Web Design
Organic eCommerce
Organic eCommerce
Sales and Branding
Sales and Branding
Crypto and investment
Crypto and Investment
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Here's What You'll Learn

Everything you need to know to get views  & make a living with social media at ANY age.

$50.00 / per month
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A proven strategy to build your first 10,000 subscribers and OG community.


How to go viral on all platforms, no matter what they are. Includes scripting and creating viral videos specifically for YouTube.


7 different and proven money making methods using the internet.


With our professors you’ll go over many forms of e-commerce, crypto, web design and marketing. Introducing you and getting your feet wet to all the different ways you can profit online.


Not only will you learn to make a living, but how to scale your business after that so you can live on your own terms outside of the Matrix.

Special Interviews

Exclusive interviews and calls with Sneako as well as his millionaire friends and guests.

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Let’s take the journey together.
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We have thousands of satisfied students, see what they have to say about TCK.

I think the creator kit is a good investment. I’ve gained a new perspective on content from watching the “Art vs content whore” segment, and Musa has made it more clear the basic psychology that keeps people watching. The most valuable part is being here with awesome people and the fact that most of the time they can answer your questions.


I belong to multiple courses and paid communities, but Creator Kit must be one of the best ones for sure. Community, coaches, course itself, everything is just so good and helped me grow a lot as a content creator. This should cost way more than what it is, honestly. Overall, excellent investment.


Buying the CreatorKit has finally given me the kick to get after what I want. The course has actually useful information on the algorithm. I have already seen others who bought the Kit use it's tools to blow up on TikTok. Most importantly the discord. I believe being able to communicate with other creators, learning from each other, helping one another and networking is extremely valuable.


If you are looking to gain a new perspective on content creation I would recommend the kit, if you are looking to learn about different ways to monotize content on the internet I'd recommend the kit, if you are looking for an active community with similar goals I'd recommend the kit. If you are seriously considering the Creator Kit pull the trigger, apply yourself, and make your money back.


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